#16 Stefan Vanthuyne

While walking my dog in a small forest, carrying a cheap 35mm point and shoot camera with me, both of Divola’s projects automatically came to mind. From the moment Syla was set free, our walk turned into an energetic game hide and seek, where she would run back and forth on the path, or suddenly disappear between the trees, completely indifferent to my attempts to photograph her.

Stefan Vanthuyne

(Ref. Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert and As Far as I Could Get. By John Divola)



• 23 tirages argentiques barytés ton neutre 9,5 x 14,5 cm. dans une boîte
• boite élaborée par Emilie Lauwers
• 15 exemplaires dont 2 E.A. numérotés, signés
• Prix : 500euros