#12 Yves Auquier

Confronted with the obligation of writing a somewhat serious curriculum vitae, I started looking at and moving around a series of documents thrown randomly in a number of boxes and files at the occasion of one event or another that was more or less remarkable. 
I found this task boring and slightly saddening.

What really matters in the course of a lifetime – and this is what it is all about – is in this completely absent.

What really matters in life are the people, the contacts, the places, the precious moments.  These make up this life and give it its unique character.

Yves Auquier, 1991


Born in Brussels in 1934.
Autodidact in photography.
Starts as a professional photographer in 1959.
Publishes the book “Pays Noir” and collections of original photographs.
Founding member of the group “Images”.
Visionary teacher of the photographic workshop at “75” in Brussels.