Printing black and white photographs on traditional paper : this has been my work  since a very long time.

The process is slow, but this slowness is very meaningful.  From this process result very unique images, composed of silver grains.

These images are always the fruit of a close collaboration between the photographer and myself.  Nothing surprisingly thus that bonds of friendship have been formed over the years. 

In the beginning, starting from a subjectively chosen photograph in the work of the photographer,  I wanted to realize a numbered edition, in a very limited number of copies.

The affordable price of the edition had to be accessible to many of us. Yes, the print, to stay alive, had to circulate : it is an old dream.  It is an objective.

Then, and in the future, I would like to develop more complex objects, even artist’s books.

It could open up new paths and develop collaborations.

Jean-Pierre Bauduin