1. Imprimer des photographies en noir et blanc sur des papiers traditionnels:
    tel est mon métier depuis longtemps.

    Le processus est lent, mais cette lenteur a tout son sens.
    Il en résulte des images uniques, composées de grains d’argent.

    Elles sont toujours le fruit d’une collaboration étroite entre des photographes et moi-même.

    Je vous propose ici une sélection de photographies de petit format,
    au caractère fragile et précieux, à un prix abordable.

    Jean-Pierre Bauduin

  2. #1 Hugues de Wurstemberger

    AVAILABLE • 11 Copies

    Born in 1955, I have not stayed in Switserland.  I was Swiss Guard in the year of the 3 Popes.  I have worked with “Libé”, “Le Monde”, Agence “Vu”.
    Today I am only working with friends.
    After 3 or 4 books “Paysans”, “Pauline&Pierre”, “Personnes” and 1 film “Adieu Armailli”, all no longer in print and unavailable, I am teaching in a Brussels’ Art School “Le 75”.

  3. •  Silver baryte print Ag Stab under passe-partout.
    •  Agfa MCC 111 F13 paper.
    •  Print size : 20x20cm
    •  Edition : 15 copies + 2 E.A. numbered, signed
    •  Price : 375 Euros

  4. #2 Peter Downsbrough

    AVAILABLE • 8 Copies

    cut and cut again

    ( AND-1977 )


    • 2 silver baryte prints AG Stab under photo corners/double impression with stamp by Peter Downsbrough/ cardboard 29.9 x 41.9 cm.
    • Ilford MGFB Glossy paper
    • Image size : 6.7 x 10.4cm.
    • Edition : 15 copies – signed
    • Price : 475 Euros

  6. #3 Massao Mascaro


  7. #4 Marc Trivier


  8. #5 Daniel Michiels


  9. #6 Norbert Ghisoland


  10. #7 Olivier Sténuit

    AVAILABLE • 13 Copies

    Born in 1958 in Brussels, I have been a graphic designer and typographist for more than 30 years, then photographer in my free time.
    Today, the story is inverted.

    As a contemplative landscape photographer, I am constantly looking for the balance, timelessness and silence.

  11. Triptych consisting of 3 photographs (Abou Simbel, Faucon et Râ) from the series “NIL” exhibited in Galerie Peinture Fraîche November-December 2016.

    • Ilford MGFB WT Glossy paper.
    • Paper size : 20 x 20cm
    • Image size : 19 x 19cm
    • Edition 13 copies + 2 E.A. numbered, signed
    • Price 435 Euros

  12. #8 Alexandre Christiaens

    AVAILABLE • 16 Copies

    In Estonia you travel in between places, duration, where images are born. It is a kind of delirium or dizziness, of which you try to discover the venue and which organizes your travels. These are never places that you discover, but places that recognize you. Each time, the event of a “deterritorialization”.
    It is an asceticism without object, only the presence and the loss, the dreaming dimension of existing, in between the forests, in between the snow, in between the wolves, in between the fallen night, in between things, in between people.
    It is, I believe, the epic dimension of existence, regarding the text, the secret of our histories and our mythologies.

    Estonia - C. Havelange / A. Christiaens - 2016

  13. Diptych of 2 silver prints, 1 engraving and 1 text presented on Velin paper.

    • Photos : Ilford MGFB.WT. Semi-Matt paper
    • Engraving : Japon paper
    • Edition 16 copies + 4 E.A. numbered, signed.
    • Price 500 Euros

  14. #9 Cesare Fabbri

    AVAILABLE • 13 Copies

    After a training in urbanism and a photography study with historian and photographer Italo Zannier at the University Institute of Venice (IUAV), Cesare Fabbri (born in 1971 in Ravenna) is teaching next to Guido Guidi.

    In 2009 he founded the Osservatorio Fotografico in association with Silvia Loddo.

    The two photos were recently taken in Sardegna. In these vast black and white landschapes, remembering us of the famous American landscape photographers, wild nature mixes with traces of the past and new ruins.

    (Exhibition in Fondation A Stichting from January, 29 till March 26, 2017)

  15. Diptych of 2 photos per contact 20 x 25cm, under passe partout 50 x 70cm.

    • Ilford Paper MGFB WT glossy selenium toning.
    • Box designed by Emilio Macchia.
    • Edition 15 copies + 3 E.A. numbered & signed.
    • Price : 700 Euros

    With thanks to FondationAStichting.

  16. Prices VAT included/shipping costs not included